Student Conference “Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development”

Student Conference “Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development” is the first conference of its kind, organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information technology (FEIT) – Skopje, in cooperation with the international student organization IAESTE Macedonia.

Energy efficiency web portal was medium that covered this conference.

Energy efficiency and sustainable development are two current […]

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Elbasan meeting of VET schools principals




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Signed memorandum of cooperation with four VET highschools

CSAE signed  memorandum the project Cross border cooperation for Improvement of VET with four high schools:

SOU Taki Daskalo – Bitola
SOTU Gjogji Naumov – Bitola
OEMUC Sv. Naum Ohridski – Ohrid
SOU Niko Nestor – Struga

Those high-schools will be part of two meetings between directors and management of VET schools from Macedonia and Albania and centres that will take place in order to […]

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Cross border cooperation for Improvement of VET

CSAE started the project: Cross border cooperation for Improvement of VET with our partners ECE from Elbasan, Albania, in the frame of IPA Cross-border cooperation of European Union.


To conduct studies to analyse the situation new developments in vocational educational and training and analysis in labour market needs,
To create activities that will stimulate links between schools and […]

By |July 5th, 2012|Advanced education|0 Comments First Macedonian web site dedicated to energy efficiency is the first Macedonian internet portal, dedicated to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable development. This internet site start as a simple web blog, in 2010 year from the group of young enthusiasts from Bitola supported by Center for sustainable development and education.

During this three years of working public several electronic tutorials […]

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PV panels from Macedonia

Main production of PV panels is located in Germany, China and USA. But in 2011 Zvonko Dimeski from Prilep decided to start small production of PV panels. He is baying PV cells from China and than he is connecting this cells into PV panels.

He is producing two type of panels – poly crystal and mono […]

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Aquaponics by definition is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. The beauty of aquaponics is that in the combining of the two they equal out the negative aspects in each of them. In other words, the sum of the two when combined is greater than the sum of the two individuals.

Nutrient rich fish water is […]

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Debate: Young people on the margins of the society – discrimination of the youth from the institutions

Date: 14.02.2008 (Saturday), 11am
Place: Hotel Premier, Bitola
The debate was organized by the Center for sustainability and advanced education from Bitola with support of Peace Action from Prilep.

There were 25 participants on the debate, young people from Bitola high schools and university students.
The Debate is a part of the Regional demilitarization and anti-discrimination programme.
The goal […]

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Freedom instead of militarization, free software instead of violence

On 07.06.2008 in Bitola on Shirok Sokak (Main pedestrian street) invited 15 students from High School “Taki Daskalo” and the Linux Users Group from Bitola – Lugola (part of Free Software Macedonia) to plan common Direct action on the main pedestrian street in Bitola – Shirok Sokak.Theme was “Freedom instead of militarization, free software instead […]

Call for papers on theme “Demilitarization in society”

During the period of 15.04.2008 – 15.05.2008 there was a Call for papers on theme “Demilitarization in society”, in four high schools in Bitola On the call 18 pupils applied with their papers, and 6 were chosen to be presented in front of their colleges. The activity was characterized as “Very good approach ask the children […]

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